What is “The Quest for Absolute Truth” All About?!

The Quest for Absolute Truth consists of the following parts: 3/4 apologetics (defense of the Christian faith) and 1/4 application of Christianity into American politics.

The Introduction establishes that America is a Christian nation. Then the book explores the universal need that all people and civilizations have had for God. Religion is encapsulated into 4 categories: agnosticism, naturalism, pantheism and theism.

Part I is dedicated to disproving Naturalism (atheism), pantheism, agnosticism without using the Bible.

Part II makes the arguments for the necessity of the existence of God. The book disproves polytheism, deism and establishes monotheism as the only plausible answer as it relates to God. Then, the Christian faith is established as Absolute Truth.

Part III disproves Islam (contradicts itself as well as the Absolute Truth) and then book demonstrates how Judaism is partial truth (it negates Jesus as the Messiah – the way, the truth and the life. Therefore, Judaism is not entirely true).

The last part is an application of Christianity as it relates to voting, liberalism, how American schools force their students to learn Naturalism through Darwinism and non-theistic evolution (which atheism grounds itself in Naturalism) and lastly some simple, yet profound, steps we can take to restore America to the Constitution and to our Christian heritage.

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